Healing Massage 

This soothing and relaxing massage will promote circulation, relax the body, and relieve both stress and tension. 100/150

Healing Deep Tissue 

A therapeutic massage designed to alleviate tension and muscular stress. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern to restore and heal overextended muscles. 100/150

Healing Stones

Experience the power of fire and earth through the relaxing energy of warm stones combined with a very relaxing massage. The warm, soothing weight of the stone melts away stress and promotes an inner calm. Discover new levels of relaxation and renewal by experiencing this unique treatment. 140/210

Prenatal Massage

This full body massage will soothe body aches and muscle tension. Providing comfort and care during this special time. Focused entirely on your personal needs. Available after the first trimester. 100/150

The Healing Trio

Pure bliss. Delight your senses with a seventy-five minute treatment. This intensely relaxing blend of massage, aromatherapy and hot stones is dedicated to the three most sensitive and therapeutic areas of the body: your head, hands, and feet. Tension dissolves away, leaving only comfort and well-being to your body and mind. 140

Massage at your doorstep...

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